Sorry for not posting for a  few days guys.  I’ve had some old friends from the Gold Coast staying with me over the weekend and they are heading off today.

It has been fun having the house full, my first guests since I’ve been back, but it does effect the amount of time I spend working and working on getting laid.

I’m up super early to get on top of some work which I’ve neglected (including blog posts) and after lunch my mates are continuing on their trip heading south.

It does mean that I’m in the middle of a dry spell, I don’t want to sit down and figure out how long it has been since I had any ‘naughty’ contact.

I swam with Alex last Friday and hopefully will swim with him tomorrow.  I’ve been seeing the girls next door a bit more this last week and they are very friendly as usual, maybe this weekend something might happen?  I can only hope!!!

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