Woke up this morning to some fresh snow on the ground which is nice to see. Kip and I were out for first chair and had a great morning.

Just about to head out for some household chores (grocery shopping, posting some DE Swimwear for new members on SwimmerBoyz.com, etc) but I thought I’d post some pics quickly.

Some random blue speedo photos that I have had floating around for a while. I might have Kip drop me at the pool on the way home and since I’ve posted some blue speedo pics I will put on some blue speedos under my jeans – they are AussieBum Portseas, say g’day if you recognise me at the pool 😉

Guy in Blue SpeedoBlue Speedo ManNice Blue SpeedosHot AussieBum

One thought on “Blue Speedos”
  1. Anyone know the brand of the suit in the second picture? I love the light blue edges, around the dark blue material. Of course, the model does help fill it out.

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