Because of the change in layout of this blog, I hope you like it, I think it is awesome.  There are some thing missing in old posts (header image and some Search Engine stuff)..

So when I go and read or look up something I’ve written years ago, I end up down a rabbits warren of a hole following links that might be dead, pictures that don’t show up because the Evil Speedo Corporation stole my domain name (they took off me).  It is the price of having a blog that lasts years and has lots of posts and I understand I will never get to fix everything, because the minute I do, something else will change.

But, I hope you guys understand and get to witness the amount of work I do spend on this blog trying to make it awesome.

Earlier today I was in that rabbit warren and I saw that I posted these photos back in 2013.  I have a few more photo of her wearing different swimsuits but not enough to make up a full gallery.

I think she is smashing!!!

Purple SwimsuitPurple SwimsuitPurple SwimsuitPurple SwimsuitPurple Swimsuit

Here are more random one piece swimsuit pics from my personal collection……

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