Hey guys – just a quick post. Kip and I have been working flat out since about 7am this morning.

We were working on some new stuff for SwimmerBoyz.com and then about lunch time we had a server go offline (you might have seen this blog offline for about 3hrs). Turns out we had another hard drive failure. No biggie since everything is backed up and they just put a new one in. But this is like the 5th HDD failure I’ve had this year – I don’t think I’ve had 2 in the previous 5 years. Someone told me it has to do with the floods a little while back in Bangkok.

Anyways – all back and working now but if you see any problems you know we are on top of things.

Time for a drink and a hottub. Then dinner and then back to all the work I didn’t finish this morning.

I ABSOLUTELY HAVE to tell you guys about the speedo party on Saturday night – it was a great success and Kip and I finally made it to sleep as the sun was coming up. Since there were people in the house and there was a little bit of cleaning to do we didn’t get much sleep and worked through Sunday watching the Broncos go down again.

I’ll post some more of the juicier details tomorrow for you guys.

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