Back to the Alphabet Game – C was a hard one and it took the household more than a couple of days before everyone got it ticket off the list.

Since we had just knocked off Bukkake I didn’t think CUM SHOT was being too creative.  Julie has a friend of hers in the ski school – her name is Catherine so I brought that up with with Julie who thought it was a great idea but it turns out that chicks name is spelt with a K.  Cum shot it was going to have to be – unlike Bukkake though I wanted some cum.

Cum shot

Julie, Will and I pretty much knocked off C for Cum Shot together – Amy was at work and Henry had told me that morning that he and Samantha had used Cum for the letter C as well.  Now I’m not sure if I’ve told you guys on this blog – I’m sure I’ve mentioned it on – Julie thinks it is amazingly hot that Will and I will play with each other.  With our clothes on you couldn’t tell either of us were in the slightest bit bisexual – speedos or less and it is a completely different picture and Julie has told me that she never thought that 2 guys would be so eager with each other.

Come Shot

Keeping that in mind – Will’s cumshot was shared between Julie and I as we sucked his cock together.  I paid close attention to his balls and Julie worked his shaft.  When it was my turn Julie was working on my balls and she knows me well enuf now to stick a couple of fingers inside me.  It was a pretty quick little fuck session – Will had to go to work and Julie had something going on.  Definitely no complaints though.

Gay Cum Shot

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