This morning I was up early and went to the pool for the first time here. It has only been 3 weeks or so since I last swam and my arms feel like lead weights. Otherwise I’ve been pretty well behaved but that should change on Saturday night with another rugby game on and I’ll probably head out on the town and dance my Jack and Coke soaked booty away.

I’ve spoken to a couple of guys from online dating sites but nothing too enticing just yet but I’ll keep trying.

At the pool this morning I had a nice long shower and jacked off. I was fantasizing about someone walking in and catching me. From the look of these guys in these pictures I’m thinking they were more showing off than getting caught but either way it is pretty hot. If I saw this happen I wouldn’t be standing back with a beer in my hand I’d be getting in there.

What do you guys have lined up for the weekend?

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