On Saturday afternoon I posted how horny I was.

I went out with some friends for dinner, I can’t remember the name of the joint but it was new and near that intersection of Market, Noe and 16th (about 4 blocks from where I’m living right now). Dinner was great and half the party was keen to party on. Not being my town I just followed and I had no idea where we ended up but it felt like we headed down Market closer to town.

Later in the night we all kinda broke up and I was talking to this Norwegian chick called Christina. Wow she was hot!!! Beautiful brunette with an sweet smile. Funny enough I didn’t go and hit on her she came over and started talk to me at the bar. I thought I was in but anytime I left her side guys were coming up and hitting on her – funny thing is she kept excusing herself and coming over and talking to me. It was getting late and after a little dancing and a little more drinking I was talking to a guy called Chris at the bar. Christina was still floating about. She came up and saw me talking to Chris who wasn’t outwardly gay but he was.

I think this confused poor Christina a bit but I thought it was kinda funny. Turns out she actually turned up the heat touching me more and trying to get all of my attention. Chris saw some friends of his on the dance floor so he left us and I thought it was getting late.

Christina suggested we go back to her place – for a nightcap of course.

Back at her place, we made out on her couch, then we showered together (which was very very hot) then she lasted about 5 minutes in bed before she told me she was tired.

Yep that was it. Next morning I woke up, she wasn’t feeling well and I walked home. Breakfast at Cafe Flore (definitely my favourite breakfast spot) and had myself an afternoon nap.

It is only Tuesday morning but I haven’t heard from Christina and kinda hope I don’t.

I think I made the wrong choice guys – should have picked Chris instead of Christina (both would have been better and just covered all options). Chris, if you read this blog – maybe next time mate.

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