This is an experience that was posted over on the by the user ‘Aussie-Cub’. I’ll shut up and let you guys get into the story.

So I christened my DE swimmers today, well christened them with someone else at least.

Met up with Scott* at the Challenge Stadium aquatic centre, first time I had met him face to face. Was decent to look at in his business attire.
We made out way to the male change rooms and got a decent good look at him in the buff. Not skinny but not overly flabby (unlike yours truly). Got a hardon just looking at him. This made it slightly more diffecult to move between the pools in only speedos, massive buldge sticking out front.
Scott and I did some laps in the pool before hitting the showers. Couldn’t resist and dropped to my knees and took his cock in my mouth, sucking like a hoover, not caring that it was an open shower room and anyone could walk in and catch us at any time. Scott blew his load into my mouth, a big grin on his face, the adrenaline pumping through both our bodies at the exposure and risk of getting caught.

We quickly dressed, me out of my Mambo’s I had worn into my white see through DE’s, Scott into a pair of black Speedos, both of us sporting massive wood. We walked out into the carpark, loaded our gear into the cars and then quietly slipped off into the surrounding scurbland for some more fun.

Out of site, I quickly stripped Scott of his and my pants and began rubbing out buldging cocks against each other, the feel of each others speedo facbric making our dicks twitch with excitement. Scott dropped to his knees and began to lick and nibble on my cock through my speedos, the once white fabric now see through and dripping with precum. I moaned, holding his head in my hands and directing his flicking tongue all over my DE’s.

Scott stood up and kissed me, the taste of my precum on his lips, before pressing slightly down on my shoulders gesturing that it was my turn. I kneeled down and dabbed the tip of my tongue on his huge buldge, his precum soaking through the fabric. I took his cock in my mouth, the taste of speedo and precum taking me to bliss.

I stood up and motioned scott to turn around, pulling his speedos down slightly to reveal his plump ass. Quickly slipping a rubber and lube on, I slipped my cock sticking out of the top of my speedos into his waiting ass. Moaning loudly, Scott bucked against me riding my throbbing shaft.
I pulled out before I blew my load and turned him around again, ripped off the rubber, pulled the front of his speedos open and emptied my load into his waiting crotch. Scott let out a moan of pleasure as he let his speedos snap back with a wet slap, cum dripping off his balls and soaking through his suit.

Scott pulled his cock out and began wanking it before he emptied his massive load into my now open speedo front. I let out a sound of pleasure as his hot cum splashed on my cock and balls before running down my legs. I let my speedo snap shut and savored the feel of his cum getting smeared over my groin.

We both dressed quickly and walked back to our waiting cars, kissed lightly before going our seperate ways. On the way home I got a text message from Scott saying “Thanks for that, it was my first time with another guy. Can’t wait to do it again”
I chuckled as I realised I had popped another cherry without realising it. I texted back saying I will be back at the pool next Tuesday and hope to see him there.

* Name changed to protect identity
This happened this arvo after work and was the hottest thing I have done with my speedos….. can’t wait to do it again.

** By joining my site, you can get a free pair of white DE’s.

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