I enjoy my politics and my economics and I’ve been following the recent government shut down and looming debt ceiling default. Speaking to my mates back home in Australia, nobody really seems to care about the petty partisan politics but that might change if the debt ceiling isn’t sorted out.

I’ve heard that some restaurants were giving happy hour for everyone except members of congress which I thought was funny. On that same theme I was trying to think of a way to do something similar but a little hard to verify for my members considering how careful I am with discretion of my members.

My politics is a little muddled, if I could vote I’d vote republican purely on the economics BUT I support gay marriage, I support abortion and I think the health care system in the US has to change and if Obamacare is a first step towards that, then I support it while at the same time understanding its down falls.

In the current shenanigans going on I think we should sack the whole lot of them.

I better get ready for the Bronco’s game so here is something that America has done well.

Whenever I post about politics, I try not to too often, I get a bunch of comments and I look forward to your thoughts, even when they disagree with me.

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