Last week I posted some pics of NRL Football Player Sandor Earl wearing a pair of Cocksox speedos (click here for that post).

I’ve seen photos of them online before but I’ve never seen them in the flesh. They raise a while raft of questions… what happens when you get hard in that thing? Is the material stretchy enough? I suppose there is only one way to find out – so I just ordered a pair.

I’ll be sure to let you guys know what I think about them but I’d love to hear from you guys if any of you have worn Cocksox before.

One thought on “Cocksox”
  1. Dave – get your cock into a pair yet? If not, do it. You will love them. I got a Cocksox Drawstring Swimsuit

    First, my cock loves getting into this suit. Very comfy. Very well made IMO. Suit doesnt hide much at all — not really meant to hide anything I dont think. 😉

    What happens when you get hard? Tent bud. Tent. Pouch easily gives way to a hard on (unlike most suits that will restrain a hard on) and the smooth texture spandex material makes it all the more difficult to try and soften up some cause it feels so good on a hard cock.

    The material is very strechy and easily gives way for my hard cock making room without exposing my balls or pulling on the suit much.

    It really is a good suit. 😉

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