This morning I woke up about half an hour before my alarm and I was hard as a rock!!!

I jacked off last night before going to sleep and still this morning I had a raging morning woody.

But, I restrained myself and instead of waking Kip up I went and had a cold shower.

Why would I do this?

Because Kip has been talking to a guy on Grindr who is coming around to tonight and Kip is  eager to get pounded by more than one guy.  Aren’t I a nice boss guys?  Hahaha.

Here is some eye candy for you guys.  The guy is called Cody Cummings and is a porn actor.  He is 100% bisexual which is obviously a pretty big turn on for me.  I’ve seen some of his videos of him with a guy and a girl.  Maybe Kip and I will try that on Saturday night after 3 guys tonight….

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