I haven’t spoken much about condoms on this blog yet.  I’m not a preacher on the topic – I choose to use condoms and if you don’t then we aren’t going to fuck.  There are two couples that I’ve played with who really didn’t want me to use a condom – I was polite as I could be in saying that I was pretty serious about condom use.  In the end these couples agreed that it was fine (this was well before the fact – not when we were all naked in the living room).

I’m starting to sound like Reverend Wright – preaching.  I’ll stop now.

Imagine if all the major brands started selling their own condoms and kept their original tag-lines.

  • Sainsbury condoms – making life taste better
  • Tesco Condoms – every little helps
  • Nike Condoms – Just do it
  • Peugeot Condoms – The ride of your life
  • KFC Condoms – Finger Licking good
  • Minstrels Condoms – melt in your mouth, not in your hand
  • Safeway Condoms – Lightening the load
  • Abbey National Condoms – because life is complicated enough
  • Coca Cola Condoms – The real thing
  • Ever Ready Condoms – keep going and going
  • Pringles Condoms – once you pop, you can’t stop
  • Burger King Condoms – Home of the Whopper
  • Goodyear Condoms – “for a longer ride, go wide”
  • Muller light condoms – so much pleasure, but where’s the pain?
  • Flash Condoms – Just sit back, relax and let flash do all the hard work
  • Halford Condoms – we go the extra mile
  • Royal Mail Condoms – I saw this and thought of you
  • Andrex Condoms – Soft, strong and very very long
  • Renault Condoms – size really does matter!
  • Domestos Condoms – gets right in the rim
  • Heineken Condoms -reaches parts that other condoms just cannot reach
  • Carlsberg Condoms – probably the best condom in the world
  • Pepperami Condoms – its a bit of an animal
  • Polo Condoms – the condom with the hole!! (VERY poor seller !!)
  • McDonalds Condoms – I’m Lovin’ it!

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