How was everyone’s New Years?

Mine was unbelievably tame for once….. I went to bed before 11pm and was reading a book at the stroke of midnight.  Don’t feel too bad for me though, there were some big days before and after New Years that I have been having some fun and being more social.

I wanted to post and see if any of you guys had anything special for your New Years Resolutions.

I was thinking, maybe this year I should try having a relationship, like a proper one not just casual sex?  What do you guys think?  That could be fun to see where it leads?

Big question, guy or girl?  Can I choose both?

Second big question would be around monogamy…..

This is sounding very complex guys, I’m not sure my lifestyle would ever suit a ‘relationship’, definitely not in the traditional definition.

That is enough serious talk, one thing I would love to do this year is find a pair of these speedos.  I’m going to guess they are making a statement more about the 80’s than Rainbow Gay Pride but I like them.  If anyone knows where to find a pair please let me know.

Rainbow Gay Pride Speedo

5 thoughts on “Could I be in a relationship?”
  1. You are another extreme closet case, don’t live a lie yiu are just going to push the truth out of nowhere

  2. You are right, I am extremely in the closet to some of my friends and most of my family.

    Is keeping my sexual activities to myself a lie or discretion? I don’t think I want a relationship with another guy, I would like a relationship with a woman. I’d be 100% open with her.

    Lots of grey…..

    Thanks for your comment mate, lots to think about.


  3. You probably don’t want a guy because you are scared of what people would think about you, if that’s the case it would mean that you are vulnerable to others opinion therefore you are going to live like others wants you to live not you, is sad that you have to live like that. I think you should fight for your life and not do what others expect for you.

  4. Just trying to troll you Dave, haven’t seen some trolls lately in here so i thought i would spice things up haha, live your life the way you want it

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