Mike made it over here last night which was great. I cooked up a roast lamb with roast sweet potatoes with a Central Otago Pinot and Magnum icecreams for dessert.

Well I should start at the beginning – we both fucked each others brains out as soon as he arrived, then we had a nice long shower together, and then I started cooking dinner.

It was nice to sit around the dinner table – it felt very grown up. The nicest thing though was waking up this morning with someone in my arms. Someone to help me with my morning wood of course and then a lazy pancake breakfast before Mike had to head back to Wanaka. I could get used to this….. Could I ever give up my ‘debaucherous’ lifestyle though and settle down? I’m not saying I want to settle down with Mike, although I could settle down with Will although that will never happen. I know a few gay guys who are a bit older than me who are over their ‘fuck anything that moves’ stage of their life but they have struggled to find someone to share their life with. I’m not sure I’m quite there yet but I could see that need growing in me in a few years time.

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