I don’t know about you guys but sometimes I get a craving for sucking cock – normally it is a few days after sucking a lot of cock.

I get a craving for having my arse fucked as well…. today is just one of those days.

Thankfully these are my only vices. I’ve never smoked cigarettes, I’ve never done drugs, I’ve never drank too much but I do love cock in me.

Since I don’t have any fuck buddies right now I might try my luck online or on Grindr (do we have Steve Jobs to thanks for Grindr?)

One thought on “Craving Anal Sex”
  1. I was 19 yes old and I was taken anally by an older guy. For some reason I went Back for more 2 times more over 3 month period and on the 3rd time it felt so good as he slipped in and out of me that it turned me on! Then he came a huge load of cumulative thy I squirted so hard that I could feel it striking my insides!! I’ve been addicted to the sensation of penetraion & being flooded!!!!

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