Last night was fun. I ended up at the local pub with some mates. For once I was relatively well behaved (I’m going spear fishing with some friends today and didn’t want to feel under the weather). I can’t say that for some of my mates who were completely written off – nobody got into any trouble though so no harm no foul.

I ended up taking home some chick. I won’t mention too much about her here but I was told by my mates (who went to school with her) that she gets around.

Even though I hadn’t drank too much it took me longer than usual to ‘get it up’. Perhaps it was that I had jacked off twice earlier in the day, perhaps because I was tired, perhaps because this chick didn’t completely do it for me.

I was fucking her from behind and in the end I had to pull out and pretty much jerk off – she seemed to like it though and told me she wanted my cum in her mouth. So I sat on her chest, stroked my cock and came in her mouth. It was pretty hot!!!

Then I made out with her and she really love that!!! I personally like the taste of cum and even my own cum particularly when it is in someone elses mouth.

I’m keen to hear how many of you guys like the taste of cum….

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