My ‘blind date’/’setup’ last night didn’t go quite as well as I had hoped. The girl rocked up super super late, she was hammered, didn’t like Rugby Union and she was 18 going on about 13. She was nice though and kinda pretty – I’m sure I’ll see her around town (I’ll go for a haircut with her this week – ow yeah she is a hairdresser).

But, I had a fantastic night over all. My mate who lined it up, I met him at a local drinking establishment and he had some family over from Christchurch (New Zealand). Everyone mingled, I have lived at a town called Methven a few years back so I know a little about Christchurch, everyone had a few drinks and it was really social and the Reds won the rugby (they were playing a team from Christchurch).

There were a whole lot of dynamics going on – my mates wife who I don’t know that well was hammered and she was really nice and chatty. Her sister was from Christchurch but lived in Aussie for 14 years before moving back to New Zealand and we had a great chat. My mates father was there – he and I were giving each other a hard time about the rugby all night and my ‘date’ was very bubbly. I was a perfect gentleman, I didn’t drink too much, got home around 1am and even got up at 7am this morning and went for a surf.

I was rather horny when I got home since I had been optimistically hoping for some ‘sideways dancing’. It was one of the biggest shooting loads I’ve had in ages – I was lying on my bed and I got some cum on my chin!!!

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