Sunday night Jaime came over to my place again.  This time it wasn’t the sloppy drunk sex that we had the night before although there wasn’t much conversation when she arrived.

Those of you who have been reading my blog for a while will know that I love pleasuring guys and girls orally and I went to work on Jaime’s shaved pussy.  She was wet before I started and she was even apologizing for being wet which is just fine with me.  Jaime told me that I’d have to finger her or fuck her and she’d cum in a few seconds which is exactly what she did when I inserted 2 of my fingers into her tight pussy.

It was great that she grabbed my head and made out with me immediately after she came and was more than happy to taste her own pussy juices.

Then she moved her way down my chest, paying particular attention to my nipples on the way down towards my cock where she went to work.  To start with she was a little too gentle compared to what I like but after playing with my balls for a while she started to move around towards my butt.  I encouraged her and with a bit of spit on her finger she started fingering me.

This is what I like!!!

It took a little while but I came and she took it all (not a huge load considering I had fucker her that morning) and returning the favour I brought her head up and gave her a deep deep kiss and got a taste of my own cum in her mouth.

That wasn’t the end but I’ve gotta head off to the pool for a swim.  Jaime did tell me that she thought it was hot how open minded I was about tasting cum and being fingered.

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