Last Saturday I went out with some friends to watch the rugby and it was a kind of blind date/setup thing with a girl who works for a friend of mines wife.  That was a long sentence – did it make sense?

I didn’t think too much of the ‘blind date’, she was kinda cute but she is 18, comes across as the dumb blonde and although she was nice and we had a bit of a chat I really didn’t think too much about it.  I played golf with my mate yesterday and he kind of apologised saying he didn’t realise hot ditsy (air headed) she was and he had told his wife that “She isn’t in Dave’s league”.

So this morning I went to get a haircut with my friends wife and little miss blondie was there (they work together).  HOLY SHIT she looked hot!!!

Like super hot – maybe she looked a little ‘grunge’ and she was pretty hammered on Saturday night but today she looked amazingly cute.

I really am not sure how to play this now – I think maybe I should just txt my mate (he is actually out of town for the next week on business but if I txt him it will get back to his missus).  Maybe I should just txt him and say that little missy blondie is a cutie.  Then just leave it at that – the women will sort it out if there is any potential I’m sure.


One thought on “Cute Blonde”
  1. Every woman should have tits like the girl in the top photo. Just perfect……nice face, too.

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