Is anyone surprised that my weekend was crazy yet again.

I was well behaved, I got up early on Saturday morning to watch the Wallabies get spanked by the All Blacks. At half time I called some New Zealand mates of mine to catch up and all is well down there although they are having a pretty bad winter snow wise.

Then I had some friends from Denver come up on Saturday about lunch time and we went for a great mountain bike ride making it back home about 8pm for hottub time and that was when the shit started to hit the fan.

These Denver folks are friends of mine and normally they are good fun but the husband and wife, who were high school sweethearts and have been married for 7 years although they are both a little older than me at 30yo, they are on the rocks.

It was terrible, maybe everyone was tired, nobody had that much to drink so can’t blame that. Both husband and wife were just as bad. They ended up getting the shits at each other in the hottub and she stormed off and then we had a late dinner and he got the shits. I was embarrassed for them and for Kip being his house (he has hung out with them a bunch as well so not like they were complete strangers).

When they started carrying on during dinner I finally couldn’t hold my tongue anymore and pretty much told them not to bring their baggage into Kip’s house and if they couldn’t manage that then I’ll be happy to walk them out to the car.

Hopefully they figure it out but I’m not optimistic over the long run at least.

Thankfully they wanted to avoid Sunday afternoon traffic and didn’t hang out too much on Sunday morning. After a couple of hours of work Kip and I chilled out on the couch and watched a couple of movies….. maybe that is why they use the word ‘gay’, we are definitely much happier than most married couples I know.

What did you guys get up to over the weekend?

Beach Threesome

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