Darn I ddin’t realise that this weekend was Presidents Week in the US – being in Canada for the last 3 weeks or more I completely forgot about it.  Actually, I didn’t forget I just didn’t know.

It means that town is super darn busy but it also means that there is a whole bunch going on as well.

Kip lives with his sister so we headed out on the town last night (Sunday).  I can honestly say…. I danced my pants off (well Kip took them off later but I did dance A LOT).  I think I’m even sore this morning from dancing – not from the 2 runs we had on Peak 10 before we gave up on the crowds.

Kip’s sister is recently single so she was having fun with all the mountain boys and she didn’t come home last night.  Ow to be a girl in a mountain town – there has to be 4 times as many guys as girls up here and finding the gay or bi ones is just as hard as finding a girl.

I saw this posted on facebook somewhere and I thought I’d share it with you guys……

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