Wow what a HUGE weekend. That darn Thanksgiving felt like it just went on for ever. In a good way but it was nice to sleep in and not have a hazy head this morning.

And I have a crazy amount of work to catch up on so it is going to be a week of late nights.

I want to tell you guys about what Kip and I got up to on Saturday night though….. last weekend Kip picked up this school teacher from Denver or somewhere down there. He thought it was a once off but on Saturday she txt’d him saying she was up here again and maybe they would run into each other. At a big of egging on from my I told him he might as well change it up a little.

We were going out anyway and Kip played it pretty casual and this chick found us at one of our favourite bars (Mother Loaded Tavern – you have to go through a curtain out to the back). It was OK and this chick didn’t have any single girlfriends so I was having a quiet night.

Later in the evening this chick asks me…..

Dave, do you go both ways? Or are you gay?

That was kinda weird. I’m pretty str8 acting and Kip didn’t say anything. I had to think fast what kind of reply I wanted to give her….

I’m reasonably open minded….. I’ve had some crazy threesomes though.

That was kind of the end of the discussion and nothing else was mentioned about it. Kip and I have a bit of a system so I left just before he was going to leave, if he is getting laid, then he can pick up our bar tab, hehehe, and it gives me a chance to get home and out of his road.

So I get home, pour myself a drink, go into my room (Kip and I normally sleep together but I do have my own room), pull out my laptop, put my headfones on and start checking some emails and stuff.

I don’t know how much times goes by but all of a sudden my door opens up and there is Kip’s school teacher, all wear and wrapped in a towel. Made me jump as I had my headfones on. Startled I pull my headfones out and say ‘Hi’.

Kip and I wanted to know if you’d like to join us in the hottub Dave?

Hell yeah!!!!!

I was not very far off jacking off before going to sleep but I know exactly what a hottub at 2am in the morning means….

I’ve already spent too much time on this post and I have to get back to some work. I’ll finish off this post in the next couple of days guys.

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