I’ve just finished watching four seasons of Californication. I’ve never even seen half an episode until Kip suggested it when I was staying with him in Colorado.

It has taken me a few months to get through it (I generally ride on an eliptical trainer and watch one episode (about 40mins).

I’ve really enjoyed it!!!

I grew up with the X-Files too so already liked Duchovny.

There have been some paralels in its story line to my life recently. Getting in trouble with the law (although mine obviously had nothing to do with a 16yo girl), a threesome with a mate (click here to read about my New Years threesome) and ‘Hank Moody’ (played by David Duchovny) dresses a little like me.

I just finished watching season 4 – do you guys know if there is going to be a season 5?

Jeez, I didn’t realise that David Duchovny is 50yo – he looks pretty darn good for 50.

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