One of my mates here on the coast is a chef (although he did a science degree at college) and he is a great guy. He is pretty loose, likes his weed and likes his booze but he is a nice guy and has helped me out a couple of times with my move back to Aussieland.

Earlier this month my chef buddy (we’ll call him Chef A – that is what his waitresses call him) got a job as the executive chef at a small restaurant and over a few Jack and Cokes I offered to help him out if he ever needed a hand. I don’t want a job and I’ve never even been inside a commercial kitchen but if someone was sick or something I offered to give him a hand.

I had forgotten all about my offer until I got a call from Chef A yesterday afternoon asking me if I was free to give him a hand last night. He had 250 people for a buffet dinner and he needed a dish washer for the night and was super short handed.

Sounds like fun – I’m in.

I haven’t had a ‘real’ job since I was in college but I had a great time!!! It is a new restaurant and they don’t have a whole lot of plates so I was working like crazy, the waitresses were cute, his su-chef (I’m sure that isn’t how you spell it) is this cute 21yo guy with the ego of Gordon Ramsay but about half the height. The owners were happy the way the night went and all the staff hung out at the bar for a couple of hrs after we were finished.

Maybe it is because I work on my own why I enjoyed it so much.

Ow – I would have loved to go home with the cute blonde su-chef but I ended up taking home one of the waitresses.

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