I was just talking to an old girlfriend of mine on Facebook (yeah I’m on facebook – click here for my profile). I don’t think I could class her as a girlfriend, we shagged each other one summer for a couple of months while she was on vacation.

At the time I told her about what I do for a living and yesterday she asked how everything was going.

We ended up talking for a couple of hrs and she did mention that she found me wearing speedos really hot. She also said that she thought most girls didn’t like guys in speedos but she loved it and has even bought some guys she’d dated since their first ever speedo.

I wonder if any of her ‘speedo converts’ are reading this blog?

One thought on “Do girls like guys in speedos?”
  1. What I’ve found is that girls who like guys in sexy swimsuits (or sexy underwear) also like sex much, much more than girls who don’t. Whether they’ll admit to liking guys in speedos is another thing … only one girl I dated didn’t like me in speedos. The others were turned on. All the guys I’ve known have liked me in speedos!
    Love your site & blogs, Dave.

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