I was talking to Kip (my speedo wearing tech/server admin guy) a bunch this morning.

For those of you who are new here – Kip runs all my technical stuff for all my sites (including this blog). He was a fan of the sites and I met him years ago. He lives in Breckenridge, Colorado and I’ve stayed with him a few times for snowboarding and speedo play of course.

Are there any ethical problems when you have speedo fun with your staff? Interesting though – it wasn’t on the job application.

Aparently they have had a fantastic beginning to their winter and I have bought a seasons pass – I just need to decide when to shoot over (2 maybe 3 weeks).

I could go over for Xmas and get away from all the holiday folks here on the beach but I think it is better to leave it a bit later and hope for better snow. White Christmases are always fun though.

Once I finish some stuff I mgiht go and look at some flight details.

I think I must have ADD (attention deficet disorder) – it is the first rainy day I’ve had since moving back to the beach and I’m thinking about snow…..

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