´╗┐Yesterday I ended up down in Sydney catching up with Will.

I haven’t seen him much over the last couple of months. He was dating a girl for a while and I was in Colorado. He isn’t dating a girl anymore and we were both pretty excited to catch up.

My plan was for us to go bezerk when I arrived but he had a neighbour of his over having drinks so we had to behave ourselves.

Once we were on our own though…

This morning when we woke up properly (we did wake up around 6am – at which time I lube up Will’s arse and fucked him again) – but when we woke up properly around 11am the bedroom looked like Charlie Sheen had been there. The bed was a complete mess, there were condoms everywhere, glasses everywhere, a dildo lying on the floor and an empty bottle of lube.

Now that I’m back on the coast I think I need to have an afternoon nap!!!

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