I’m a notorious drink driver.

When I visit Kip in America I definitely don’t but here in Aussie – it is my home country and I don’t think too much of it. I’ve never had any problems and it isn’t something I do intentionally, more so I just don’t think about it.

Last night I finally got pinged.

I’m told that in America you go to jail and all that stuff – here they book you and send you home. Have to go to court next week, plead guilty, get a fine and can’t drive for a while (which isn’t going to happen).

Thing is, it was about 1am that they pulled me over and I lawyered up big time and fucked them about for nearly 2hrs. When they finally got rid of me. They took my licence and car keys. Then they drove off. So I got the spare key from under my car, and drove home – hahahahaha.

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