Hey guys, Kip and I had a HUGE day yesterday at Beaver Creek where they reported 7″ of new snow (interesting enough – 7″ is what Kip gave me the night before as well). We didn’t get home until about 6pm, we ordered pizza delivered and we crashed.

Today I’m a little sore (not just my legs) and it is cold and overcast as we await the next storm. The snow forecast looks fantastic for the next week or so which is a nice change from most of this winter. Kind of a nothing day. I’ve been working on adding this weeks full length HD movie over on my site (www.SwimmerBoyz.com) and Kip has been working on a new server that we want to use as an extra backup. Very boring day indeed.

This photo however did brighten up my day and gave me a boner – does anyone else get a boner looking at a guys butt in a speedo? I think it is my turn to bend Kip over and pound his arse.

Black speeod butt causing an erection

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