You guys know I’m a fan of AussieBum and have been since they began.

What I am finding now though is how expensive they are – maybe it is because the Aussie dollar is near parity to the US dollar (it was half that when AussieBum started). I really like the new line that they have but the speedos are $53.

I think that is getting up there.

I’m going to try and keep the price of my swimwear line as low as I can – I’m thinking of a maximum price of $25 which so far I think I should be able to manage.

I know some of you guys have huge speedo collections – does price matter for you? Is a $50+ speedo too expensive? Expensive AussieBum SpeedosIs AussieBum Too Expensive?New AussieBumsAussieBum Print Speedos

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