First let me tell you about Monday’s hottub session…..

The hotel (and the entire town) is really quiet now that the holidays are over. So heading down to the hot tub the three of us were wearing boardies over our 3 identical pairs of white DE Swimwear (click here to see what they look like). Normally I would just wear the speedos BUT these new speedos of mine are SUPER SUPER see through when they are wet.

The pool complex in this hotel is one of the most amazing I’ve ever seen!!! There was a 30m pool, 2 hot tubs, sauna and a mens and ladies steam room. 


The three of us were a little nervous getting down to our super see through white speedos but I lead the charged and dropped my boardies and jumped in the hot tub. The hot tub wasn’t really that hot and I was keen for the steam room so the three of us got up and moved – the steam room was in the mens bathroom (which was amazing – it was like a rich persons bathroom – HUGE, free shampoo, razors, soft towels, even aftershave).

The steam room was big enuf for all three of us to lie down on the tile benches and we could hear just enuf if someone else entered the bathroom – are you thinking what I’m thinking?

The three of us were lying on our backs around the steam room just talking. As per usual talk turned to sex – as it seems to always do with my housemates. Will and Henry were talking about the girls – Will loves Julie although Julie loves me and I love Will – nice little love triangle that is.

I think that Amy is a little more adventurous than Julie which is where the conversation lead to.

I said that I thought it was kewl that everyone is the house was completely open minded – the girls enjoy watching us guys making out or sucking each other just as much as Will and Henry enjoy watching the girls make out.

By now I was rock hard and I sat up and saw that both Will and Henry were rock hard as well – their cocks trying invain to escape the lycra of their white DESwimwear speedos.

The other day I was reading on a forum about favourite threesome positions and the overwhelming favourite was 2 people 69′ing and the third person fucking the top person…. that mental picture came into my mind at that very moment and I got up and told Will and Henry that I’d be back in a minute.  I jumped in the pool with my raging hardon and then on my way back to the steam room I grabbed the condoms and strawberry flavoured lube that I had brought down from the room.

Walking back into the steam room I threw the condoms and lube to Will (who was on the top bench) telling him that he’ll need these. Then I removed my white speedos. I wanted to keep my speedo on – I perfer sex with speedos on but this position required that I remove them. By now Henry (who was on one of the lower benches) was looking at me and I was looking at his cock.

I straddled Henry’s face and bent over licking his cock through his speedos.

Henry got the idea and started sucking on my cock – the angle wasn’t quite right and Henry is pretty inexperienced in cock sucking but he was wanking me at the same time and that was something he WAS experienced at.

Time to pull Henry’s cock out of his speedo and get to work on it properly.

Breaking off my licking I told Will – who was now sitting on the top bench instead of lying on his back – to fuck me and to fuck me hard.

Working on Henry’s now unlycra’d cock I could sense Will behind me squirting lube in my arse and rubbing it in with 2 fingers. Will is really getting used to this – not 12 months ago he had never fucked a guy and now he was moving with the intentions of a seasoned veteran.

Then Will entered me.

It was one thrust and it took my breath away.

I had to stop sucking on Henry’s cock for a moment to get my breath back and Will just held himself deep in my arse. Then to my complete surprise Will started talking dirty to me. He was telling me how tight my fuck hole was and that he was going to fuck me so hard I would split in two. Then he counted himself down – 3, 2, 1 and then he started fucking me like a mad man. Poor Henry who was under me couldn’t keep his mouth on my cock because of the jolting from Will’s thrusts – but Henry did keep his hand on my cock and kept stroking as best he could.

After maybe only 10 strokes Will slammed home in his deepest thrust and I could hear his orgasm as he filled the ribbed condom with his cum.

With Will deep inside me I told Henry to stroke me as hard as he could – I returned my attention to his cock and stroked it with one hand as I sucked it for all my life. Less than 15 seconds after Will cumming in my arse I warned Henry that I was about to cum and then I came all over his face. Henry came in my mouth before I had finished my last squirt.

Finally Will removed himself from inside me and I felt as thought I had just crapped a watermelon. I got off Henry and put my speedos on. Will’s sweat was gleaming in the dull light and he was tucking himself back into his speedo when I went over to him and kissed him.

After the kiss I told him that it was one of the most intense orgasms I have ever had – he said it was the same for him.

I’ve got a feeling we’ll be spending some more time in that steam room.

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