I’m a bit of a FaceBook newbie (click here for my Facebook profile – I don’t have many friends so add me and I’ll add you I promise) and it has been kind of fun seeing who is on Facebook.

In the last week or so a girl that I had my first ever crush on added me as a friend on Facebook.  I added her back of course and we’ve been chatting a couple of times and it is awesome.  Being a first ever crush we were in primary school and I don’t think we even graduated to holding hands but we were a ‘couple’ there in 2nd Grade for a while.

Then at high skool, I went to an all boys school and she went to an all girls school and her family live 2 blocks from where my family live.  We saw each other, I looked after her little brother who went to my skool but the ‘Facebook Stalker’ and I never had too much contact – I always thought she was hot.

Should be interesting to see where this leads – she is a teacher now, still lives at home (she saw my Mum last weekend) and is HOT!!!!  C’mon – what did you guys expect from me – I can pick them.

Anyone else here had a Facebook Stalker?

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