Last night I met this girl, she is a friend of a friend and we all ended up at the pub together.

She and I really hit it off, I did even get a chance to tell her a little about what I do for a living (most of my str8 friends here have no idea what I do).  Not only is she pretty but she it outgoing and lots of fun…. without being an alcoholic.

We were both very well behaved and went home seperately and I’ve facebook stalked her already this morning.  How long should one wait before adding a friend on facebook?  I’m sure I could get her mobile easy enuf through one of our mutual friends.  Or maybe I should just wait until we run into each other again socially – which I’m sure will happen in the next couple of weeks.

The whole str8 relationship thing is sooooo much more complicated than the gay version.  To get sex, I have to pretend not to want it – hahaha.

You guys can add me as a friend on facebook anytime – this is the link.

By the way – it is gorgeous outside today so I’m off to the beach for a swim.

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