I made it back to San Fran with no problems – I still haven’t joined the mile high club though.

I do have a funny story about one of my gay hostesses getting a little bit uppity.  It was a QANTAS flight and I was sitting next to this American couple on their way home.  They were nice and both of them had retired from the Navy where they worked in ‘intelligence’.  I’m not sure what that means and I didn’t get too many details out of them.

The three of us were having a drink after dinner, it was my 2nd scotch of the flight and about 4hrs into it.  The elderly couple were drinking wine.  We asked this flamboyantly gay male hostess for another drink.  He got the wine really quick but like 15 minutes later I still didn’t have my drink.  I’m pretty chilled out so I wasn’t too concerned.  Then this older, a little overweight, str8 male hostess is walking by and I asked him if he could check up with the fairy on my scotch.  My exact words were:

Any chance you could see how my scotch is coming along from the fairy with the blond hair.

I didn’t say it being nasty, I was smiling and I didn’t really mind it takign 15 minutes BUT as I said it, the fairy popped up.  And he heard it.  Hahahaha.

He gave me the drink, I was embarrassed and thanked him and then he told me that he thought I had enough to drink and was cutting me off.  Aggghhhhhhh.

Ow well – I guess some people don’t have a sense of humor.  If the guy is reading this…. I’m sure you didn’t know that it was the famous ‘Dave Evans’ calling you a ‘fairy’ and I apologise if I hurt your feelings but that wasn’t my intention at all – and next time you are in San Francisco I’d love to make it up to you – hehehe.

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