This morning on the train ride down to Sydney I was going through my day book/diary (it isn’t like a “Dear Diary” it is more of a “Don’t forget rent is due today” kind of diary).

Every time I make a move or change I like to think of why I moved, what I wanted to achieve perhaps some bad habits I wanted to kick. Once I’ve figured out where I’ve come from I feel I can really concentrate on where I want to go – what I want to work harder on, a few new bad habits I might want to kick – hahaha.

Moving the coast and the warmer weather I wanted to live a little cleaner, drink a little less or maybe just a little less often, use that to get a little fitter, spend more time working and keep my eyes and ears to the ground for a ‘proper’ relationship.

The last one hasn’t eventuated but I’m not complaining about the fun that I’ve had with Will, Natalie and the sheer number of guys looking to hookup online that have kept me occupied.

I have been partying/drinking less – although last weekend was back to the usual Dave. I’m happy that I am having less days hungover and it is a habit that I know I’ll be able to maintain.

Work, I’ve been working really hard and particularly in the last 3 months I’ve been on the ball and it has showed with the work that I’m doing, the work that Kip is doing and the projects that are in development. And a lot of the members at are really happy with some of the improvements over there.

The fitness goal is something that has slipped in the last month or so with the colder weather but I have lost about 7.5kgs since I got here and I haven’t changed my diet I’m just exercising more. I do feel great and I think I look great (it is the eye of the beholder though) – this is going to be a difficult habit to keep in the cold down in Queenstown but I’m really really going to try hard and work on keeping this level of fitness. There is a pool in town.

I remember back in February I saw an article of this Melbourne gym junkie ‘Paul James’ and how he put on 40kgs – from 80kgs to 120kgs. A close friend of mine looks as fat as PJ does in his fat fotos and always made an excuse, “he’s always been like that”, “his family are all that big”, “he is retaining water” etc etc. Seeing those pics of PJ and how he lost that weight again goes to show that there is no excuses…..

I’ve got a couple of days of travel ahead of me and I’m looking forward to the next chapter and if you are still reading this uber long post…. looks like you’ll be along for the ride.

Here are some pics of PJ – 120kgs and then at 80kgs…..

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