Hey guys – I just walked in the door and it is a gorgeous day here in San Francisco. The last few days in Colorado it was kinda raining and starting to feel like winter but this definitely feels more like summer.

I’ve got some technical reading to do that Kip gave me for a new project so I’m going to head up to Alamo Square with a hip flask and do some reading in the sun.

Looks like something happened with the database on TheSpeedoForum.com but Kip will fix that up this afternoon when he gets back to the office. I’ve been a little slack on blog posts but I’m sure those guys who are members of SwimmerBoyz.com will be appreciating the time that I’ve been spending on that site. There is a major update that I’ve got to spent about 10, maybe 20 hours on which I’m hoping to get done this weekend. I had been asked to head north up to Napa with some friends but I really want to get on top of some of this work stuff. Being busy means I’m making money though so I don’t mind the late nights.

After a few D&M’s (deep and meaningfuls) I think I’ve figured out what my travel/living movements will be for the next 9 months or so – I’ll run it by you guys in the next few days.

I better get up to the park – I know being San Francisco I could strip down to my speedos and work on my tan but I just don’t think I can pull that off. Maybe I need to get a bunch of you guys and organise an inner city speedo tanning session.

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