The Texan Brunette has just left to drive back to Denver and for the 2nd weekend in a row…. my cock is sore.  Happy sore of course.

Nothing too freaky but just lots of sex and yet again, my performance was pretty good if I say so myself.

Again I was wearing speedo in the hottub and she really likes it.  And even when we are in bed (or the couch, or the floor, or the bathroom sink) she loves to grind her pussy against my speedo clad cock.  It definitely means that those speedos need a wash afterwards –  hehehe.

I’d love for her to shag Kip with me but a few little things that she has said kinda means that is off the table.  I’ve told her (like I do most sexual partners) that I’m up for pretty much anything and if they have a fantasy then I’m the guy who will say ‘YES’!!!

If she won’t shag Kip then I guess I will – I’m sure he heard us over the last 2 nights so I think I’ll go and offer up my arse for him to plow.

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