I have been meaning to tell you guys about meeting Rachel a couple of weeks ago – yesterdays post (scroll down) is where I told you about how we met.

Since I met Rachel through her boss and we were all out we left separately but Rachel promised to facebook stalk me the coming week and we’d line up dinner for the coming weekend.

Rachel did ‘facebook stalk’ me and we organised dinner – well she thought that she’d organise dinner at some new restaurant since I’m the newbie to town.  We met at some art gallery for drinks which was nice and then we caught a taxi to the restaurant – again I have absolutely no idea where these places were (I do now because I looked them up on Google Earth the next day).

Dinner was great, Rachel was great fun and looking smashing.

I had been talking to ‘husband’ during the week and he told me that Rachel was a great girl and that he thought we’d make a great couple – and that I better look after her or he was coming to get me.  Of course I would look after her…. I nailed your wife in front of you and I looked after her right?

The week before the topic of what I do for a living came up and ‘wife’ jumped in before I could give my usual response of being a ‘computer nerd’ and said that I ran a bunch of gay websites and was a famous gay blogger.  Perhaps it was the alcohol that made her come out so quickly on my behalf and the ‘wife’ regained some composure and said that I ‘owed’ the business and wasn’t gay myself, or was I, perhaps one day I’ll be called to prove which team I was batting on (that is as close to verbatim as I can remember but you get the gist).

It is pretty rare that I am allowed to be this open with a girl that I’ve just met about my work.  You guys know I’m in no way ‘out’ to my family and to most of my friends.

Rachel thought it was interesting and one thing lead to the other and sexuality was brought up.  From there things turned very very interesting.

I’m probably boring you guys so I might leave it here and return to this in a couple of days.  I’m not quite sure that I’ve got my head around it yet and I really like this girl and it seems she really likes me so I’m not sure where this could lead or what my feelings are.

One thought on “First real date”
  1. Dave, Since she was still interested in dating you after hearing what you do…the worst thing that happens is you have a nice friend. She wanted you to have a good time in town, good for her.

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