Reporting this from back in 2010 – wow how time flies!!!

The guy I mentioned yesterday came over to my place today.

It is the first guy I’ve had back to the house and it is something I need to do more often – this is why I’m living on my own after all.

He was really cute but he was super nervous. He said it wasn’t his first time but I’m not sure about that. When he arrived I was just wearing some boardies over my speedos. When he came in the house I offered him a drink and he seemed like he needed it to take the edge off his nerves. Before I poured the drink though I told him I wanted to get more comfortable and took my boardies off. He wasn’t quite ready and it was a little weird standing in the kitchen having a drink with me in my white AussieBum Coolabah’s and him standing there fully dressed.

I was doing a pretty good job of not baring up for the first 10 minutes or so but by the time we got onto our 2nd drink talk had turned to sex and I had to adjust my cock in my speedo. He was so cute he pretended not to look….

That was when I thought we should get this party started.

I told him it was OK if he looked at my cock – I told him it was his fault that it was hard and I placed his hand on the outside of my speedo. He rubbed it a little bit and now I was 100% hard as a rock!!!

Normally I would have gone in for a kiss but I wasn’t sure if he was ready for that so I asked him if I could take off his shirt. He said that was OK so I took it off and I started licking his nipples. He started to get into it and had his hand on the back of my head. Then I asked him if I could see his speedo and he agreed to that so I undid the drawstring on his shorts and slid his speedo down.

He was wearing a pair of black speedo brand lycra speedos and he was 100% hard as a rock as well.

With him leaning back against the kitchen bench I started licking his cock through his speedo. He liked this a lot!!!

I had a hand on his perfect little butt cheek, one hand rubbing his balls and my tongue working itself over his cock.

I was just about to pull his cock out the leg of his speedo when I heard that he was close, really close. And then without even skin touching skin he came. I was keen to slurp up his jizz through his speedo but his cock was super sensitive and he asked me not to so I stood up.

That was when things got a little uncomfortable. He put his pants on and said that he was running late for something.

I tried to tell him it was all good and if he needed to go he should but if he wanted to chill out no probs there. He pulled his shorts up over his cum covered speedo, put on his shirt and was out the door within 3 minutes of him cumming.

I’ve shot him an email since and said it was great and that he was really cute. We’ll see what happens.

Needless to say, after he left I was still fucking horny but had to relieve myself.

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