I don’t know about you guys, but I go through phases with my fantasies.

Over the last few days I’ve been fantasising about a foursome with an ex-girlfriend of mine.  Not sure why I am thinking of her, we never had a threesome or a foursome but she was open to the idea.

My fantasy is that she arrives at my house here in San Francisco, I meet her at the door, I tell her that instead of a threesome, I’ve actually organised a foursome for her.  She is excited.  We walk into my apartment and the two guys get up off the couch and they are both wearing nothing but black 3-stripe ADIDAS speedos.  They introduce themselves, I strip off my jeans down to my black ADIDAS speedos, the two guys strip my ex-girlfriend down to her bikini.  Her bikini is a white, Victoria Secret Bikini that she bought while I was dating her – it looks really hot.

By this stage of my fantasy I am getting towards my orgasm.

Then she gets on her knees, the three of us guys are arm in arm, like the front row of a rugby scrum.  It is then that my ex-girlfriend pulls all three rock hard cocks out and starts working her magic – she was one of the best girl, cock suckers I’ve ever experienced.

That is about as far as my fantasy gets before I dump my load on my stomach.

One thought on “Foursome Fantasy”
  1. This is fucking hot. She is gorgeous and the guys are hot too. But what about a fourth guy? I’ve been watching a porno where a fourth guy joins in – she is on her stomach and the guy in her pussy steps up and straddles her – he probably has to lean on the guy fucking her mouth – and then a fourth guy squeezes in from behind and fucks her pussy too. You can see in these shots she has plenty of room. It is amazing porn and an amazing fantasy.

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