You guys know I’m a fan of the ‘fuck buddy’ and ‘ex-sex’ concepts so when I managed to get in touch with Adam I was super excited.

Adam and I were fuck buddies back when I was in New Zealand in 2005!!!!  He is a little older than me but still just as cute.  I had forgotten that I had written about the first time we met until Adam sent me the link from a May 2005 post.  Here is what we got up to that first time…..

This afternoon at 3pm I drove over to Adams. I wore my Aussie Bum Portseas (there is a link on the left here for posts with pics – click on it to see what the portsea is).

I had a couple of rums here before hand… for confidence as well as for not exploding so early – hehehehe. I took my hip flask and a bottle ok coke-a-cola.

Man I was so nervous I was shaking hey!!!!

So I rocked up – Adam was awesome and super cute!!!! Was a little taller than I was and I suppose the same weight so he was a little slimmer. He is from England but doesn’t have that twanky English accent which I don’t like.

Adam is a dive master (scuba diving) and has spent the last 12 months getting up his hours underwater diving. And since he loves speedos – I found out that he has the most (by far) speedo tan I have ever personally seen in my life!!!!

So I rocked up – we had a few drinks on the couch and literally all of a sudden we are both sitting on the couch (as we have been for half an hour) but we are kissing!!!

I was wearing my trendy jeans and they were by now well and truly undone and Adam was playing with me through my Aussue Bum’s. As promised – Adam was wearing a black pair of Nike Speedos they are called Nike Tyr’s I think.

We spent a fair while on the couch playing, as I had expected not much foreplay, and we moved into Adam’s bedroom. Our jeans were quickly removed and so were our shirts – our speedos remained.

I do have to admit – Aussie Bums are made out of nylon so they don’t stretch and they last longer but the lycra of Adam’s Nike Tyr’s felt amazing!!!!

So the two of us are now in Adam’s room and none of his house mates are home. We are kissing and touching/rubbing, I am wearing my Aussie Bums and Adam is wearing his Nike Tyr’s. This to me is about as horny as it gets. As I was getting very very close (even though my wanking efforts over the last couple of days were quite heavy) I went down on Adam.

He was cut – like I am – and I kept his speedos on and pulled his cock out the side of his speedos and started sucking him. I do admit (due to lack of experience) that I’m not the worlds greatest blow jobber but it was only a couple of minutes of me sucking Adams cock and some nice ball rubbing and he was cumming in my mouth. I don’t like tasting cum all that much but being a ‘first date’ I took it like a man and didn’t bat an eye lid.

After I was done swalling Adam’s load he started straight down on me. I was trying to hold out as long as I could and (as he wasn’t that experienced at head – although probably much more than myself) I asked him if he’d like to fuck my arse.

I didn’t have to ask Adam twice.

He pulled out a frangger and with a tonne of moisturiser began to play with my arse hole as I layed on my back. Man Adam had a nice chest – not once ounce of fat hey – his stomach just blended right into the top of his speedos which he still had on. It took Adam a couple of minutes to get full hard and all the while his dick was playing with my smooth asshole.

Once Adam was hard (and I mean rock hard) I told him to put just his head in my arse (I’m only new at this so couldn’t take it all). He did as I said and as I was on my back and Adam was on his knees he was stroking my cock which he had liberally lubricated with moisteriser (I’m sure that isn’t how you spell it).

With just the head of Adam’s cock in my arse (in a condom of course) I came very very quickly!!!! When I was done I moved around and stroked Adam until he came a second time.

After which we kinda just layed on the bed for a while. After about half an hour we heard one of Adam’s house mates come in so I decided to get my styff together and get outta there.

It was awesome, Adam was bloody hot and we promised to see each other again. Adam is going to Stewat Island tomorrow and he did ask me to go (to do with the local mt. biking club).

As I am not fit enuf just yet (although I will be I promise) and since I have no money coming in for the next couple of weeks I had to declide.

I think Adam is the hottest gay internet date I have ever had. Totally kewl – no pressure – awesome in bed and he lives in the same town as I do. We both admitted to loving threesomes and we promised each other that if we had the chance for a threesome that the opposite would be invited.

This afternoon we got up to a little more fun but I’ll have to compose myself and sit down to write it.  Perhaps in transit over the next couple of days on my way home I’ll get a chance.

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