My first couple of days back in Australia were grey and crappy but the last 3 days have been spectacular!!!

Today is just the same.

I got my arse out of bed early and walk down to town along the beach, grabbed a coffee and a bacon roll for breakfast. Walked on back here, went for a swim (in my black ADIDAS speedos of course) and the water was cool but bearable in the early morning sun and no wind.

Since then, I’ve been sitting on the back deck just working and wearing nothing but my speedos of course. This is what life is all about guys!!!

Yesterday I got out for a walk and headed north towards Crackneck Point – I had a quick look on google earth and it is another track that I’ve never been on before. Was a beautiful walk on these high cliffs above the ocean – I didn’t end up going for a swim on the way because the beaches were too rocky but I can definitely recommend it to anyone who is in the area.

Nothing naughty to report unfortunately guys – tonight I’m sure there will be some partying at the Pub so keep your fingers crossed for me.

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