The Brunette Texan won’t be up in town this weekend but we have been talking online and via txt. I think this chick really likes me and I like her although she isn’t as sexually open minded as myself. Right now this isn’t an issue and it isn’t something I’m going to bring up just yet.

She does like my speedos although it is a little tongue in cheek, she tells me it is the first time she’d had a ‘boyfriend’ (I’m not sure if that is my official title yet) who wore speedos. The other night I was going to take them off and she told me to keep them on and in exchange I told her to keep her bikini on and we fucked like that for an hour or so.

I was thinking that maybe if I bought a pair of ‘funky’ speedos it would be fun and make her more comfortable with me wearing them in public. Any ideas on where I could get some speedos like these?

Funky SpeedosColourful Funky SpeedosGuys wearing colourful speedos

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