As I posted yesterday, last weekend was another big one.  No new pussy or cock on the cards but Kip and I had a great weekend, even if I ddin’t feel very good yesterday morning.  Kip’s sister hung out on Saturday night and she got absolutely hammered.  I’ve never gotten to mess around with her but there is a weird chemistry between us which is fun.  She is really smart and has a great job (I won’t mention it here for discretionary reasons) but she prides herself on being a bit of a nerd….. a nerd who is cute and rips it on a board in the terrain park.

This swimsuit was posted on today and I thought it would be perfect for Kip’s sister.  She is a regular at our ‘Speedo Only’ parties and this would really suit her.  Thing is, they are like $120!!!  Little too much for a funny joke.  If anyone knows anyone over at ‘Black Milk’ let them know I posted about their swimsuits.
Robot SwimsuitArtoo Swimsuit
Funky Swimsuit

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