I try and read as much as I can and in doing so I follow a few online forums.

Here is a topic that was raised amongst a group of str8 webmasters which I just had to share with you guys because of how funny it is.

I have always thought of gays as women born in men’s bodies. If gays are women born in men’s bodies, shouldn’t they want to be with a real man , not another woman born in a mans body ? being with another woman would be a lesbian .. wouldn’t it make sense that a gay man should want to be with a straight man.. ?

All women are BI, so if gays were women born in men’s bodies, they would swing both ways. Clearly that’s not the case. In fact I think most gay guys’ cocks shrivel up at the thought of having sex with girls.
All women are a few drinks away from girl on girl action. It’s in their DNA. For some it takes a few more drinks than others.
You have to love str8 guy talk hey – I wonder if those guys are just one drink away from guy on guy action?

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