Thanks for your comments and emails on yesterdays post.  If I get 3 comments here, you bet I’m getting 5 times that many emails – I prefer the comments and I get to reply to the comments more than emails but I appreciate them both.

I only touched on it yesterday about depression but it seems to have opened a can of worms.

Is the gay community more vulnerable to depression?

Despite the evolution in social acceptance, does ‘coming out’ still trouble a lot of us?

I’m not out.  My circle of friends here in Aussie think I’m 100% str8.  I am completely comfortable with my current situation, you guys know I like girls as well as guys.  You know I’ve actually been given a hard time over the years BECAUSE I like girls from my gay friends.  If I was 100% out to everyone, I would feel that it would restrict my str8 side.

It is easier for me staying in the closet and I’m fine with that – at this point in my life, I don’t want to identify/explain my sexuality.

Perhaps I’m taking the easy option.  It must be terrifying for guys who are gay to come out.  I’m sure friendships are lost/broken by coming out which is horrible but a fact of life unfortunately.

Does this whole, explaining ones sexuality bring a bigger risk of depression, anxiety to our community?

I’d love to hear your thoughts guys – I’m off to the pool.  Alex can’t make it today, I was going to skip it but I was wearing my black arena speedos and I saw this pic and I want his body which was enough motivation for me to head to the pool.

Swimmers Body

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