The weather here on the Northern NSW Coast is rather wintery and not quite speedo beach weather.  It is a bit of a shame because I’m looking forward to doing naughty things with Kip on the beach.

Being the middle of an Australian winter, Kip brought his snowboarding gear with him and I’ve been looking forward to getting to the Snowy Mountains for some turns – last time I snowboarded down there was on a high school trip.

I have mentioned this on this blog over the last few weeks and late last week I got an email from a fan/reader, Adam,  who has a house in Jindabyne and is heading down next week with some gay friends and has offered a spare room if Kip and I wanted to hang out with them.  Over the weekend I spoke to Adam and we’ve lined it up.  So on Thursday Kip and I are driving down to Jindy for a long weekend with Adam and then we might stay on through the next week.

Sounds like the makings of a great trip.

Adam sounds really nice, this is a trip that he and his long term boyfriend do every year and they always get a bunch of friends (all gay guys) together for the trip.

Ow, and some important things to keep in mind….. there is a hottub and Adam is a speedo fan.

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