Monday lunch time here in Aussie and I’m back into the grind.

My break away was fantastic. The snowboarding wasn’t fantastic but it was good to catch up with old friends, I got laid and I feel pumped and ready to kick some arse (work wise).

Today is a little overcast so I’ve been sitting inside working. This afternoon I’ll go for a run on the beach I think.

As you guys know I’ve been working through the AYOR Studios movie library and adding them to my sites. It is an amazing library of movies and having exclusive access to them on my site is fantastic and the members are loving it.

This morning I editted up a movie called ‘Frisbie’. I’ve been watching it in my own ‘private time’ and enjoyed it and now it is online. It is the best AYOR Studios movie I’ve seen thus far. A little bit of speedo action, lots of outdoors action and even a scene where two guys get it on while playing on a trampoline!!!

Yeah the trampoline sex is a fantasy of mine which I’ve never had a chance to actually do – anyone on the central coast got a trampoline?

Anyways, below are some screen shots for you guys.

You can watch this movie online at my site or

You can buy the DVD over at

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