Since I’ve been in San Fran I have only spoken to one guy (at a bar) who knew of my blog.

Of course, I have received emails and comments from other guys in San Fran but thus far I haven’t been able to take any kind of advantage of this. An online celebrity is not the same as a real life celebrity.

One guy I have spoken to a little bit online has told me that he is part of a small group of guys, some gay, some bi, who get together every couple of weeks for some casual, no strings fucking.

There was a ‘gathering’ about 10 days ago but I couldn’t make it. Tonight there is another ‘gathering’. Should be about half a dozen guys, all about my age at a nice house walking distance from where I’m living. I’m a little nervous but also more than a little bit excited. It is an after dinner thing so I’ll let you guys know how it goes tomorrow – wish me luck.

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