You guys know I’m one of the worst members of the gay community, I didn’t even know that Anderson Cooper was gay until a little while ago.

I have a funny story about Anderson Cooper, a friend of mine in Denver works for one of the news stations and we were watching the news a couple of weeks ago and one of the presenters is an obviously gay man. My buddy said this guy was a good guy and one when Anderson Cooper came up this gay guys said “I’ve been inside that man.” Hahaha – I thought that was funny.

So there is this Aussie Rugby League player called George Burgess, I’ve never heard of him but a few weeks ago, maybe longer, some selfies of himself. Australian Rugby League players are probably the most stupid of all athletes (generalizing of course) but saying that, if I was as hung as George Burgess maybe I’d be throwing out a bunch of nude selfies as well.

George BurgessGeorge Burgess Self Pics

Guy is hung like a fucking horse!!!

George Burgess Nude Selfies

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